There’s no better time of year to bond with family than June, when the weather is warm and school is out for summer . It’s a golden opportunity to connect as a family, bask in each other’s company, and celebrate National Family Month with these exciting family activity ideas.

Do Some Gardening: The benefits of gardening are plentiful. Not only can you produce healthy, low-cost food, but you can also easily make it a family activity. Have each family member pick a crop to plant and spend a few minutes each day working on the entire garden together. Alternatively, you could create a flower garden where each person plants their favorite flower.

Go For a Hike: A hike is a great low-commitment way to get some family time. You’ll connect with nature and have a few hours to catch up with each other. A family bike ride works, too!

Some Indoor Options: Being in nature is great, but there are plenty of valuable family activities indoors as well. Plan a weekly family game night where everyone gets a turn to pick. For example, take a day trip to a museum  or aquarium.

This month, do whatever interests your family outdoors or indoors. The important thing is that you do it together.


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