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Parents choose independent schools for many reasons

Foodservice is one of them.

Your school delivers a unique educational experience, and it should also offer a one-of-a-kind dining program. This combination will set your school apart from others.

Brock’s customized approach can provide your community with selections that meet the needs of your student body. We will work with you to determine the best solutions for your school – boarding or day, mandatory or retail – we work with all types of schools to provide the best program for the community.

If you want to elevate the food program at your school, let’s schedule a time to discuss the best solutions to bring energy and excitement to foodservice at your school.

Are you looking to elevate your school’s foodservice experience?

Brock can help!

If fresh school menus, innovative culinary programs, and customized dining services aren’t part of your dining program, we should talk!

Students today prefer to eat healthily. Brock provides nutritious food and information that guides them to healthy choices. Our ultimate goal is to create lifelong habits for your students’ good health and wellness.

If your community wants healthy choices, Brock has options. Schedule a time to discuss ways to make your school food tops on every potential student’s list.

Your community deserves an outstanding foodservice program

With Brock’s help, it can be!

Each person on your campus has a personal preference for food. Your dining hall’s menu should satisfy all those opinions. Brock has the foodservice experience to create a wide variety of school menus daily.

We should talk if you answer “No” to the following questions:

  • Are your current offerings colorful and eye-catching?
  • Do enticing aromas waft through the dining hall?
  • Is the texture of each dish correct?
  • Is there a balance of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami across the menu?

With more than 95 years of foodservice experience, Brock can do all that and more for your independent school dining services.

Brock’s team of professionals can evaluate your current program and provide a no-obligation assessment identifying solutions to elevate your school’s dining program.

Is foodservice a sore subject in your community?

Brock can get everyone buzzing about your dining services.

If your community isn’t happy with the food offerings at your school, we can help. Brock, a leading contract foodservice company, partners with clients like you to create welcoming school menus.

If a custom program interests you, we can schedule a time to discuss ways to bring energy and excitement to your school’s dining hall.

Your community wants options. Let Brock help you deliver them!

Creative and flexible food programs are our specialty

Is your provider delivering a tailored solution?

Brock designs independent school dining services tailored to each client. We can work with you to adjust your school menu and dining hall to bring energy and excitement back to your cafeteria and enhance the onsite experience for your community.

Are your students foodservice fans?

They should be!

A lot of foodservice management companies claim they provide program personalization. The question is: Is it the type of personalization about which your students rave? With Brock, your community’s voices help create daily selections.

This process starts with a survey of your students to determine their likes and dislikes. Then, Brock and your staff create an initial school menu with this information. Our onsite team follows this up with feedback they get from students during meals.

This information and production data allow us to incorporate student favorites into the dining hall menus.

If your current dining services program doesn’t reflect your community’s personality, schedule a time to discuss how Brock, a leading foodservice management company, can partner with you to create school food fans on your campus.

Your School Provides A Unique Academic Experience

Your other services should be unique too.

As you approach prospective parents, you may be asking yourself what to share about why your school is the best choice for their child. Academics and athletics may quickly jump to mind; however, auxiliary services like foodservice can be a crucial differentiator, too. We should talk about your private school dining if it isn’t a highlight at your school. With more than 95 years in the foodservice industry, Brock can work with you to create dynamic school menus full of healthy choices.

You can count on Brock’s team of professionals to evaluate your current foodservice program and dining hall and provide a no-obligation assessment identifying solutions to give your school a distinct advantage.

Custom culinary creations

Making one-of-a-kind dining services is Brock’s specialty.

Brock, a leader in independent school dining services management, has the experience and energy to create custom school menus and design personalized cafeterias that satisfy your entire community’s culinary and service needs. In addition, we collaborate with our private school dining clients to produce foodservice programs and dining halls that make menus exciting and nutritious.

Brock’s team of creative professionals can evaluate your current foodservice program and provide a no-obligation proposal to elevate your private school’s dining services.


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