Sampling new foods and drinks is a big part of many vacations. However, it can also cause sickness and guilt from overindulging.

Here are a few tips to ensure out-of-town meals don’t lead to woes.

Eat with limits: Buffets and all-inclusive meals might tempt you to overeat. Start with small portions and enjoy within reason. Remember, you can always return for more if you’re still hungry. 

Include fruits and vegetables: Taking a break from your everyday life doesn’t mean you should stop eating several servings of fruit and vegetables daily. They keep you healthy and provide important nutrients. Look for fruits like bananas and pineapple that have a natural protective covering.

Be cautious about street food. For many travelers, eating a local delicacy served curbside is the highlight of a trip. It’s also risky. To stay safe, choose vendors certified by the government or look for clean stands with access to clean water for washing. You can also research popular street food spots before you go.

Plan meals. With different schedules each day, long periods of activity, and transportation delays, it’s easy to grab fast food or greasy, highly processed, or sugary foods. To avoid that, pack healthy but filling snacks, make restaurant reservations, or prepare regular meals to keep you feeling good and your body functioning well.

Remember, trying new foods while on vacation can be a great experience as long as you stay smart about it. Enjoy the flavors and make wonderful memories!

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