As the seasons change, it is important to clear the mind and move the body. Autumn yoga is a great way to do this.

If you engage in a regular yoga practice or are new to it, the fall offers a new view with the leaves changing and fresh, crisp air to enjoy it in. Practicing yoga at the same time daily, but perhaps in different locations around your local area, helps build a routine, which can help calm the mind. When we adopt a routine into our lives, it helps keep all other items in perspective and feel like we are more in control of things happening to us.

Autumn yoga poses should focus on the lungs and large intestines. These are two organs that are associated with the fall season. Poses include butterfly pose, melting heart, sphynx pose, child pose, or lateral dragonfly pose.

For examples and suggestions on implementing these poses, click here.
For gentle stretching and simpler poses, see here.

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