Widespread changes in food preferences, known as food trends, are a popular topic at the onset of each year. Some gain momentum and last for years, and others fizzle out as quickly as they become popular. Most recently, environmental concerns, animal welfare, and increased interest in health and wellness have influenced food trends. So keep an eye out for these trends in grocery stores and your local restaurant’s menu.

  • Sustainable and carbon-neutral food products – companies are more focused on climate-friendly manufacturing practices and are working to increase sustainability efforts.
  • Dates – alternative natural sweetener found as a paste, syrup, sauces, and sugar.
  • Tinned fish – Shelf-stable, affordable, environmentally friendly, and nutrient-packed, you will be able to find fish like anchovies, mackerel, and sardines oil-packed in tins.
  • Pasta made from produce – move over wheat, chickpea, and lentil pasta! Fruit and vegetables like hearts of palm, spaghetti squash, and green bananas are becoming popular pasta options for those with varying dietary restrictions. These options are also great ways to add different nutrients and switch up your meals.
  • Kelp – this aquatic plant grows quickly, absorbs carbon in the atmosphere, and provides a salty ocean-like flavor when added to dishes.
  • Childhood comfort foods with a twist – think protein-packed boxed mac and cheese, prebiotic sodas with classic childhood flavors, vegan pizza bagel bites, and low-sugar, high-fiber cereals reminiscent of the fruity flavors popular with kids.
  • Upcycled food products – you can find edible byproducts from making items like milk alternatives in baking mixes, crackers, and other goods.
  • Chicken welfare – egg-laying hens are the recipients of more outdoor time and better quality of life.
  • Bold, global flavors – Complex flavors found in the cuisines of Southeast Asia are front and center for 2023.

If you plan on setting some goals or resolutions for the new year, consider incorporating one of these latest trends!

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