Adding herbs to your meals is an easy way to add a fresh, bright, complementary flavor to any dish. They also inject a boost of nutrients, including protective antioxidants.

Growing herbs at home is easier than you might think. You can plant them inside or outside. Herbs need four to six hours of sun and soil with good drainage. Watering the herbs early in the day is best when cooler temperatures help the water efficiently reach root systems. 

If gardening isn’t your style, then there’s nothing wrong with buying herbs. Supermarkets offer a large variety of herbs that have been trimmed and neatly packaged. You can even purchase herbs, like basil, that are in pots. 

Check out our tips for cleaning and storing fresh herbs at home below! 

  • Whether you use herbs from the store or your garden, gently rinse them off before you use or store them. Give the whole bunch a proper wash to remove dirt and other debris. Rinsing will also rehydrate the herbs, so they stay fresh.
  • The most basic way to clean herbs is to cut the stems, gently separate them, and then delicately pat them dry with a cloth or paper towel.
  • The best way to store your fresh herbs is to wrap them in a damp paper towel and then place them in a zip-top bag, leaving only a small part of the bag open.
  • Once your herbs are wrapped and in their bags, place them in your refrigerator where they will not be crushed or covered, preferably towards the front. If you have a few different types of herbs, consider labeling each bag to avoid any mix-ups.
  • If you do not think you can utilize your herbs before they start to turn, try freezing them. With this method, all you need to do is cut up the herbs and sprinkle some into ice cube trays, cover them with water or oil, and let them freeze.

Herbs are easy to grow, clean, and store, which makes them great ingredients. Consider picking up some fresh herbs the next time you’re at the grocery store!

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