Did you know that just in the United States, over 300 types of honey are available? Each kind comes from a different flower and has tastes that range from subtle to bold. The colors span from colorless to dark brown. In general, the lighter the color, the milder the honey.

Originally, honey was Humans consume honey for a multitude of reasons. Honey is a natural sweetener that can be substituted for granulated sugar in many recipes. Click here for different delicious recipes using honey.

Did you know that honey is not just sweet, but it also has vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants? The carbohydrates in honey give us natural energy for our muscles. Tha’s why honey can give us a boost when we exercise.

Other unusual uses for honey include soothing a sunburn, having a honey bath, or using it as a part of self-care. For soothing a sunburn, honey will help with the inflammation. Learn more about how to apply it here. Honey baths are a great way to relax; you only need to add ¼ cup to your bath water. It can be used for a few self-care remedies, such as lip balm, facial, cream, moisturizer, and making your hair shinier. Learn more about ways to pamper yourself here.

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