As we know, life continues to be ever-changing and without much direction due to the current state of affairs. It is no secret that everyone is looking for ways to boost their mood and others’ moods. Just about anything can be considered a gift: a smile, a text, a wrapped present, to name a few. The receiver will then give you a gift in return: a smile, a text, or a thank you. It is quite a beautiful cycle. 

It has been proven that giving to others is a great way to lift your spirits. Biological studies indicate this to be in our DNA; it is innate that we take care of each other. It releases the chemicals in the brain that make us happy; endorphins. These chemicals connect to receptors in the brain and produce feelings of joy and happiness. Also, gift-giving can improve or maintain a relationship. By merely making the gesture to give to someone you care for, it helps them feel happy and helps us connect to those we love. 

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