The saying goes that you can’t avoid death and taxes. But, you can add “stress” to that proverb because modern life is full of it.

Chronic anxiety leads many to eat unhealthily, smoke, drink alcohol excessively, skip workouts, and stop taking medications. Unfortunately, all these things can damage the heart.

For American Heart Health Month, try to relieve some stress.

Identifying sources of stress in your life is the first step. If possible, avoid these situations. “No” is a little word, but it’s difficult for many to say. Saying “No” to anxiety-inducing situations is an effective stress reliever. If this isn’t possible, reduce your exposure to anxiety-filled activities or find ways to manage your reaction to them. Deep breathing techniques and mindful meditation are quick ways to reduce stress.

For general stress relief, get moving. Exercise, socializing with family and friends, and hobbies are great ways to blow off steam.

Maintaining a positive attitude is also a great way to relieve anxiety. It may be difficult to be optimistic amid stressful situations, but, like most things, it gets easier with practice.

Of course, a medical professional can recommend coping strategies that work best for your lifestyle.

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