Now that the temperatures are rising, it is time to focus on staying well this summer. There are just a few things to do to keep you healthy and energetic, which can help you enjoy these long summer days.

Here is a simple list of what to do daily to keep you healthy:

  1. Drink Fluids. Make sure you are drinking liquids on a regular schedule daily. Choose beverages that are caffeine and alcohol-free. In general, any other beverage will keep you hydrated. Avoid drinks with added sugars to keep empty calories to a minimum.
  2. Use sunscreen. Anytime you walk out your door, be sure to put sunscreen on your exposed skin. Remember that if you are in the car for an extended period, the sun rays penetrate the window and may even magnify your exposure.
  3. Keep Moving. Taking time almost every day to get your body moving is wise and keeps your heart pumping. Although there will be hot days, even minimal exercise or perhaps exercising for shorter times more often can contribute to a healthy heart.
  4. Make Connections. Although we connect daily with our devices, some days are limited in personal interactions. Make time to connect with others, in person, on zoom, or even chatting on the phone. Connecting with friends and family can contribute to feelings of positivity and happiness. Doing this regularly, not only during the summers but in every season, can contribute to a sunny attitude.
  5. Focus on “biotics”: With fresh produce available around every turn, take time to focus on your gut and eat your pre and probiotics. Fresh produce falls into the prebiotics category. Fermented foods (kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha) or certain yogurts classify as probiotics. To keep a healthy gut, you should have both pre and probiotics in the diet daily.
  6. Get Your Rest: Take time to get both rest and sleep during the summer hours. Resting is just as important as sleeping. Think of resting as those times when you are just “resting your eyes” but don’t fall asleep, lie on the couch when the house is quiet, or take a moment to meditate. In addition to resting, regularly getting eight hours of sleep can help increase energy during the long summer hours.

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