Why not spend some of that extra free time being active? Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, soak up some sun (with sunscreen!), and set some exercise goals. You may find that 60 minutes of exercise daily is easy to do once you find some fun and enjoyable activities.

Here are some fun ways to stay active this summer:

  1. Go on a family hike/day trip. With nice weather and clear skies, a hike in the mountains or the woods can be ideal for getting some exercise and quality family time. Look online to find some good hiking spots and trails in your area and plan a trip!
  2. Plan a day at the beach. If you live near the coast, a day or an afternoon at the beach can be a perfect way to spend a summer day. Take a walk down the shore, play and run around in the waves, or throw a frisbee on the sand. However, it’s good practice to take breaks to reapply sunscreen to prevent sunburns.
  3. Spend a day at the park. Go with your family to a local park, find a picnic table or a shady spot to set up a nice place to stay throughout the day. Pack some healthy snacks and plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Bring a frisbee or football, some paddles or badminton or another activity for the whole family to enjoy. It’s always good to cool off and recharge with some water, fresh fruit, and cut-up veggies with hummus or your choice of dip. Then go back to play some more!

There are endless opportunities to stay active during the summer months. So get creative and plan an everyday activity or fun outing to get the whole family moving.

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