Everyone knows burnout causes mental and physical strain, so it’s best to slow things down before you get burned out. The problem is that many of us don’t recognize burnout until it has ravaged our lives.

Learn your body’s warning signs of burnout and take steps to curb its progress.

Burnout is a real problem. It comes from working physically or mentally hard for a long stretch without rest or reward. 

Fatigue. Chronic need for sleep is a major sign of burnout.

Strong feelings of dissatisfaction. Constant stress and feeling inadequate make people hate their jobs or projects.

Sleep problems. Often, people experiencing burnout report difficulty falling asleep and nightmares.

Change of eating habits. In the midst of a flare, people will eat more than they usually do or less than they normally do. For some, food distracts from their overwhelming work or is a comfort. In addition, stress hormones can affect appetite.

Frequent headaches and stomachaches. Nonstop tension can cause headaches, nausea, indigestion, or gas. 

The good news is burnout can be cured relatively quickly. When you notice its signs, consult a mental health professional. 

Talking with a mental health provider can give insight into the source of your stress. Once you know the stressors, you can create strategies to alleviate the pressure. Co-workers or partners need to take on more responsibilities or you need to ask for better tools to accomplish your goals. 

Learning how your body reacts when overwhelmed is the best way to prevent future occurrences. When you feel the signs of burnout, pinpoint the roots and make changes that relieve the strain.

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