During the holiday season, something to keep in mind is always being conscious of the mealtime selections and being sure not to skip meals or “save calories” on celebration days. Making small changes during meal preparation and assessing what options are available before filling your plate is the best way to make healthier choices during these celebrations.

For meal prep, the cook can incorporate several secrets into preparing the meal. The guest will never know the difference because the flavor will remain the same but making these substitutions will help keep the foods healthier.

Eggs: Substitute two egg whites in the place of one egg. This adjustment will reduce the cholesterol in that dish but taste the same.

Low Sodium Broth: Use low sodium broth for meal preparation. Use powders like garlic or onion instead of salts; use flavored vinegar, oregano, or peppers to spice up the dish while leaving the salt behind.

Applesauce: Use applesauce in place of the fat for baked dishes. By substituting applesauce for half of the fat in a recipe, you will cut down on total fat without sacrificing flavor or texture.

Plain Greek Yogurt: Use plain Greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise or sour cream in dips, your mashed potatoes, or side dishes. This substitution will increase the protein content of these foods while limiting saturated fat.

Low-fat Milk: Always use low-fat milk or skim milk in place of whole milk. This swap will decrease the saturated fat and cholesterol content of these dishes.

Sweet Potatoes: Use roasted sweet potatoes in place of candied yams to save on sugar calories and increase fiber intakes.

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