April is upon us, and seasonal showers tend to be the norm putting us at the mercy of the weather when it comes to being active and moving our bodies. If the weather is not cooperating, try doing some easy at-home exercises to get your heart rate up, keep the blood flowing, and burn some calories.

Exercising in your living room can be simple and fun! Try this when you are watching TV at night – during every commercial break, do a simple, quick exercise. Consider jumping jacks, push-ups or wall push-ups, lunges, running in place, or sit-ups. Another option is curling everyday weighted items such as canned foods (2 of the same size), gallon jugs, books, filled hydro flask bottles, or shampoo bottles. By engaging in these activities during commercials, you will be exercising for an average of 16 minutes during a one-hour program. That equals more than half of the minimum recommended time of thirty minutes daily, as recommended by the American Heart Association.

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