As the hours tick away, take a few minutes to recall these past months and what silver linings you experienced. Then, reflect on what has happened and what you might want to change going into the new year. 

The last year, nearly the last two have been challenging, but they have also had silver linings worth noting.  It can be easy to focus on things we feel we missed out on, but the circumstances enhanced many experiences creating cherished memories. 

Consider experiences that we often lose in the busyness of everyday life.  Perhaps the silver lining moment is sitting down to a family dinner together because your schedule has become more flexible.  Maybe it is the opportunity to share one-on-one time on a Tuesday night with the one you love. It might be that opportunity to purchase from local merchants, knowing your contribution is making a difference. The list is limitless and completely individualized.

Perhaps you kept a journal of these moments that you can look back on and be thankful for these times that had us feeling so uncertain.  If you didn’t, now could be the time to start, so when the calendar changes again in 365 days, you have some tangible evidence of the silver linings 2022 brings to your door. 

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