Can you believe it has been nine months since “the new normal” and lockdown started?

It was tough to move through life with things changing daily and not knowing what was around the next corner. Although these times continue, everyone has worked through these challenges and has become stronger, more patient, and hopefully more understanding. As we reflect, it was both the longest and shortest year of our lives. Lockdown seemed to creep by, so how is it possible that 2021 is so close and knocking on our door?

When you have a few minutes to yourself, take some time to reflect on how you spent your days in 2020. What did you learn about your friends or your family? What wonderful things and silver linings stand out to you? What can you do as you move into 2021 to take these subtle messages and make them a constant in your life? It is important to remember that sometimes we need to be uncomfortable to grow and need to read between the lines to see what message we are receiving. Times will continue to change, and someday life will be back to what we knew as usual. For now, enjoy your family, friends, and look forward to a new year ahead.

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