Did you know that there is an advantage to getting a good night’s sleep and getting regular rest? Sleep is necessary for our bodies to recharge during the nighttime hours. If we do not have a “good night’s sleep,” we sometimes feel sluggish, moody, or irritable by achieving all sleep levels. One interesting fact is that as essential as sleeping is for the body and mind, getting regular REST is crucial. Rest can help improve mental focus, contribute to increased creativity, and help us feel happier overall.

When we rest our minds throughout the day, this helps improve our physical status and enhance our entire well-being, not just our body. When you schedule regular rest into your week, it can help restore your health, improve your focus, and provide a fantastic feeling of accomplishment once you tackle a big project. Rest does not necessarily mean falling asleep in your bed.

Easy ways to build rest into your day can be this simple:

  • Take a catnap. No longer than 20 minutes in a quiet spot in your home.
  • Skip the caffeine. If you must have caffeine, keep it to the early waking hours, allowing your mind to be clear as the day goes on.
  • Schedule regular time-outs. Take two or three minutes daily in a quiet spot to clear your mind and enhance your mental focus.
  • Turn off all electronics. Look at old photos, magazines or read a book for 15 minutes.
  • Take a short walk. Take time to focus on nature and feel the air on your face.

Do your best always to get a good night’s sleep but focus on rest to contribute to overall well-being and positive mental attitude. You can find some additional tips here.

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