In the summertime, many fruits and vegetables are naturally ripe, bursting with taste and nutrients. You can enjoy them like this all year long by preserving them in cans. Canning is an old process that people can perform at home with excellent results.

Bacteria, mold, yeast, food enzymes, and air feed . Heating and sealing food from these elements prevent spoilage and maintains quality and taste.

Boiling water, steam, and pressure methods are common for home canners. You should preserve acidic foods, like fruits, including tomatoes, with boiling and steam and low-acidic foods, like vegetables, with pressure.

Most big box and home improvement stores sell jars and equipment for steam, boiling, and pressure canning. Be sure to use jars with vacuum seals. Common vessels don’t keep air out, which can lead to bacteria and other harmful substances coming in. If you don’t get an airtight seal after canning, you can immediately eat that batch or freeze it.

Try family recipes or experiment to find your own recipes for food prep but follow directions for safe canning. Delicious, whole produce, jellies, pickles, and sauces can be enjoyed a year after they were canned.

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