The turkey dinner is a distant memory. Not one scrap of wrapping paper litters your floor. There’s not a drop of eggnog left to sip.

The holiday season is officially behind you.

It’s time to return to your everyday life. After two months of food and stress, this may be difficult. Here are some tips to smooth the transition:

Back to Bed. Because sleep supports many mental and physical processes, reestablishing a sleep routine is key to a renewed sense of well-being.

Get Moving. After weeks of parties, feasts, and late-night fun, you’re probably tired. Exercise is the best way to get some pep in your step. If you put your routine on pause, start it up again. If you never exercise regularly, find a good workout for your fitness level and lifestyle and gradually create a habit.

Eat to Live. Since November, food and drinks have played a big role in your entertainment. The large portions of pies, roasts, sugary beverages, and other holiday treats should end, and the balanced diet should begin.

Get a Checkup. Instead of making unnecessary or unrealistic New Year’s  resolutions, get a preventative examination to find out if there are any changes you need to make to improve your health.

Remember to be gentle with yourself. It’s so easy to get off your healthy track and so hard to get back on. Take gradual steps and forgive yourself for any slip-ups. 

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