EARTHDAY.ORG, the organization responsible for organizing Earth Day each year, has announced “Planet vs. Plastics” as the theme for Earth Day 2024. It’s time to rethink our plastic usage. Let’s explore some simple ways we can make a big difference:

Use reusable water bottles: Disposable water bottles use a lot of plastic and require a lot of water to be produced. Bring a reusable bottle from home to school or work rather than buying disposable bottles. You’ll save money too!

Bring Reusable Bags to Stores: Plastic bags take over twenty years to decompose in landfills and release microplastics into the environment when they finally break down. Using non-plastic reusable bags, especially at places that require a lot of bags, like the grocery store, goes a long way to reduce plastic waste in the environment.

Avoid Fast Fashion: Fast fashion companies discard about 85% of the 100 billion garments produced annually. Not only does this clothing fill up landfills, but these cheaply made items also release dangerous chemicals into the environment. Consider buying longer-lasting items, donating unwanted clothing rather than throwing it away, and shopping at thrift stores to cut down on clothes in our landfills.

These are good starting points for breaking the plastic habit, but you can reduce plastic consumption in many other ways. For example, you can use less plastic garbage bags by composting. Read about that and other great tips here.

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