It’s hot outside, so the last thing you want is to have meal prep turn your kitchen into an inferno. You could easily whip up a salad or sandwich, but you’ve gone to that well so often that they bore you now. Instead, maybe look to an old friend — the microwave oven.

Traditional ovens heat air, and this hot air cooks food. Microwave ovens create high-powered radio waves, which water molecules in food absorb. The energy increase causes the molecules inside the food to vibrate, producing heat. As a result, food heats up but not the air around it. So you can cook in a microwave without breaking into a sweat.

Plus, microwaves don’t reduce the nutrient content of foods, like boiling and frying do.

Obviously, microwave ovens should be the go-to gadget in summer.

Foods with high water content cook quickly in these machines. Making vegetables and fish are quick achievements in microwave ovens. Push the nightmares of rock-hard or rubbery dishes out of your mind. With new glassware on the market, home chefs can steam and poach various foods in a microwave oven. Moist chicken and shrimp are easy to create with these devices.

A quick internet search will result in hundreds of recipes, tips, and tricks for microwave meals. Even though most of us use the microwave oven to reheat leftovers or prepare frozen pizza, it’s a machine that can quickly produce delicious and moist dishes without making you sweat.

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