This time of the year tends to become busier for most people. Between the increase in social gatherings, extra shopping, and all things holiday-related, most of us find our schedules becoming more hectic. Hectic and irregular schedules can affect our ability to eat consistently and maintain our normal eating habits. An inconsistent eating pattern isn’t much of an issue for most. However, little inconsistencies can make it more challenging for those who need to monitor their glucose levels. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday get-togethers or switch up your usual schedule. This just means there needs to be a little more preparation and mindful choices. Here are some tips to help you manage your glucose levels during the holidays.  

Plan ahead – Review menus, ask the host about the foods offered, and bring your own dish to share if needed. Knowing the general carbohydrate counts of foods you might not commonly eat can be beneficial, too.

Eat consistently – Avoid “saving” your calories. You may experience low blood sugars and increase your risk of over-eating. Instead, pack snacks just in case, especially if you know you’ll have some significant time between meals.

Hydrate – Drinking water makes you less likely to overconsume sugar-sweetened beverages.

Adjust portions  – Adjust portion sizes to incorporate some dessert or an alcoholic beverage.

Stay with your routine– Make sure to eat regularly, maintain an exercise routine, and get adequate sleep.

Check blood sugars more regularly – Knowing your levels helps you make more informed choices, especially if you attend more gatherings than usual.

Give yourself grace if you have difficulty managing your blood sugar. This time of the year is meant to enjoy your time with loved ones and make good memories. If you find it more challenging than usual, reach out to your doctor. Look for a registered dietitian to assist in making food choices that will best support you.

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