With the holiday season upon us, our to-do list seems to get longer and longer by the minute. Because of this, simple tasks can often seem daunting and add unneeded stress to our already stressful day.

It has been found that there is a simple concept for avoiding additional stress from everyday tasks. Do them twice. If folding the laundry adds stress because you do a handful of other things simultaneously, dry them again when the dryer finishes. This action will add some extra time to finish whatever else is on your agenda. Do you need to empty the dishwasher, and you can’t find the time right then? Rerun the dishwasher!

It seems a little silly at first but believe it or not, just giving yourself that extra time to accomplish something else and come back to the task you feel is daunting can make a world of difference. During the crazy time of the holidays, making time where needed can help us clear our heads or our to-do list just enough for us to get to these mundane tasks final. So,  do it, but sometimes, do it twice!

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