We all have heard of the age-old saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but how much of this is actually true? While eating breakfast might not be for everyone, there are some benefits to starting your day with a meal.

We likely sleep between six to ten hours a day, an extended period without replenishing our energy stores. By the time we wake up, energy stores are low, and it is important to break that fasting state with something of nutritional value. Without the extra energy, you’re likely to have less energy, experience brain fog, and lack focus. As a result, you might not be ready to take on the day. Additionally, eating a balanced breakfast sets the tone for the day! If you start with a wholesome and nutritious breakfast, you are more likely to make smarter choices. Those who skip their first meal are more likely to snack more frequently and overeat at other meals.

Eating breakfast is beneficial for all, but it is crucial for students, especially younger children, to eat in the mornings. Data shows that students who eat breakfast are more likely to pay better attention, leading to improved performance.

If you feel that time is not on your side, shakes, smoothies, and meal-prepping your breakfast may be helpful! Remember, your morning meal doesn’t have to be eggs, oatmeal, or classic breakfast foods. It can be whatever works best for you! Just keep it balanced by including at least two macronutrients: fat, protein, or carbohydrates. Breakfast might not be for everyone, so listen to your hunger cues and eat when you start noticing them!

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