July is Social Wellness Month, a great time to de-stress and strengthen your relationships. It means giving and receiving social support, ensuring that you have friends and other people, including family, to turn to in times of need.

3 Ways to Celebrate Social Wellness Month:


  1. Plan a group outing. Take a group run, go bowling, take a tour of a nearby city, or go on any other activity you’ve wanted to do with your friend group. The main point is to be surrounded by people and simply have a good time enjoying their company.
  2. Make a new friend by joining a new group or club team. Utilize social media and event pages to instantly connect with others in your community that have similar interests. Look for websites on subjects of interest to connect with like-minded people. A new friend or group is just a small search away!
  3. Celebrate the month by volunteering some of your time at a retirement home, soup kitchen, food pantry, or a food drive. This activity is the perfect opportunity to have the chance to interact with new people as well as help others in need.

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