Most health insurance plans offer discounts or pay for a wide range of wellness options to motivate their members to be healthy.

To get you moving, some companies pay clients a little every day when they walk a minimum distance or duration. To help customers keep track of their progress, companies will reimburse some of the cost of new or old step trackers.

For decades, insurers have paid members back for all or part of the costs of using fitness centers after a certain number of visits. A few years ago, insurance companies started offering free online workouts.

Insurance companies also provide online support for wellness goals like weight management, smoking cessation, stress management, and healthy eating for free.

Because some competition can push people, some insurance companies offer achievable challenges, such as getting at least seven hours of sleep a night or turning off electronic devices an hour before bedtime. Members who reach their goals get symbolic rewards they can use to get gift certificates, athletic equipment, and a variety of other fun or useful things.

Healthcare costs are rising, so taking advantage of all the money-saving programs your health insurance company offers makes sense. Take the first step toward a healthier and wealthier you! Contact your insurance provider today to learn more about the wellness incentives available to you.

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