It may be easier to grab a bag of chips or a slice of pizza when you are on the go or looking for a quick fix, but many snacks are the healthier choice to provide better nutrients and a lower calorie option. Although a snack can seem minor in what you eat, overall, they add up and may not be contributing to your health in positive ways.  

The best options for snacks are whole foods that are not as processed. Snacking healthier can begin by making small changes over time that will become habits. As new habits form, you can make more changes. Making multiple changes to your eating habits at once that are new or unusual is not recommended. Doing so often leads to less success in trying new foods or healthier options.

Your healthiest options will be the “whole” form of food that is not processed. The most common example of this is fruits and vegetables. It is common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are healthy and perhaps a good snack, but how can we make them more exciting? 

  • Add fruits to plain yogurt to give it an extra and sweeter flavor.
  • Skip the chips! Dip carrots, cucumbers, or any of your other favorite vegetables in a healthy dip like hummus or salsa.
  • Add peanut butter or your favorite nut butter to fruits or vegetables such as apples, bananas, or celery.
  • Try some edamame/soybeans with light salt.
  • Substitute some air-fried or roasted kale chips in place of potato chips.
  • Make the food fun!  Cut fruit in a new way or into a shape. This small change will make it more interesting and appealing to eat.
  • Refrain from going to the grocery store hungry – you will likely buy more than you intend and things you did not plan to buy.

Most importantly, the best way to not eat something is not to bring it into your home.  If you make it more difficult to obtain the food by not having it available in your house, you are less likely to eat it.  Overall, find some healthy substitutions that you can make for your snacks and slowly transition them into a lifestyle change for an overall healthier food intake!

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