As we head into the colder months, staying hydrated should remain an essential aspect of your daily focus. Bodies require just as much fluid during the fall and winter as they do in warmer months. In cold weather, water evaporates from the body more rapidly in cold, dry air than during warmer weather. Because we infrequently sweat in cold weather and we often do not feel thirsty during these times, it is easy to overlook staying hydrated.

Because fluid loss comes in all forms each day, placing the focus on regularly drinking liquids can help prevent the onset of dehydration. Although water is the best option for rehydrating the body, anything that is liquid, not caffeinated or alcohol-containing, can have hydrating qualities. Healthy choices include 100% juice, seltzer or sparkling waters, fruits and vegetables, infused water, hot or iced teas (decaffeinated and unsweetened), and even hot apple cider.

Be vigilant about drinking at regular intervals during the day since feelings of thirst are often mistaken as feelings of hunger; do not rely on waiting to feel thirsty before drinking.

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