There are many ways to observe Earth Day — from organizing a neighborhood composting program to cleaning a park. This year, mark the occasion with a healthy helping of mushrooms.

The mushroom is a sustainable food bursting with flavor and health benefits. Dining on them is good for the Earth and you.

Mushrooms have versatility. They can add dimension to side dishes or be the foundation of a meal. Mushrooms are amazing at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, including dessert.

Because of their sustainability, mushrooms are the perfect focus of any Earth Day observance. A pound of potatoes needs 100 gallons of water to grow, corn 110 gallons, and wheat 110 to 250 gallons. Mushrooms require 8 gallons of water to mature.

The entire growing and harvesting process for mushrooms generates less than a pound of carbon dioxide. In contrast, processing one pound of beef produces 40 pounds of carbon dioxide.

It’s clear that eating mushrooms is a delicious way to preserve the planet. So make mushrooms a significant part of mealtimes this Earth Day making it the day purpose becomes practice.

Check out some great mushroom recipes here! To learn more about mushrooms and their impact on the environment, click here.

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