From household cleaning to yard work to playing around, the risk of eye injuries is more likely at home than anywhere else. Almost 50% of the 2.5 million eye injuries yearly occur at home. Eye injuries can happen from various common sources, such as flying debris from lawnmowers or trimmers or splashes from household cleaners, paints, or solvents. Although this probably isn’t something you spend much time worrying about, it’s important to remember to use eye protection the next time you begin even a simple task around the house or lawn.

Wear eye protection if you work in your garden or yard. Safety goggles protect your eyes against dust, particles, and other flying debris. Remember, your regular glasses won’t do the job, but you can find safety goggles that will fit right over them to ensure protection from all angles.

When using chemical products like bleach, detergents, and cleansers, it’s good practice never to combine them. Ensure you always read and follow the directions, manufacturer warnings, and guidelines. Additionally, ensure you stay in well-ventilated areas to prevent excessive inhalation of the products with which you are working.

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