Good or bad habits are routines that are automatic and make our lives easier. Breaking bad habits and replacing them with ones that improve your life can benefit your overall health. The first step to breaking unhealthy habits is simply being aware of what they are.   

Many people create habits and never even realize them. Ordinary things can become habits, from brushing (or not brushing) your teeth regularly to having a snack while watching tv every night. Recognizing every bad habit that needs changing and the good ones you want to continue to enforce in your life is essential. Once you are aware of all your habits, it is time to plan.

Remember that it is for you and no one else when making your plan. You should not feel pressure to break all bad habits immediately after beginning your process. Instead, set smaller goals that are easier to accomplish at first, and then gradually take it a little further until you have kicked that lousy habit goodbye. It’s easier to hit your goals when they are smaller, and when you do hit them, you have the confidence and motivation to take them further.

Having confidence in yourself and staying motivated can take a lot of work to keep up. When you feel like you are slipping, a great thing to do is to think about the future. Think about the person you are trying to become and how your life will improve if you do so.

Creating good habits is not only good for your health, but it benefits the people around you, too, especially children. Kids look up to adults and will follow their behaviors. If a child constantly sees an adult engaging in less-than-healthy activities, the child may be more apt to believe there is nothing wrong with it. A typical example of this is smoking.

Developing healthy habits and kicking bad ones to the curb will change your life and the lives of the ones closest to you for the better. So, let’s get to work!

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