Brain health might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think about how foods affect our health and wellbeing. But did you know that brain health is influenced by what we eat? So while our brains will inevitably change as we age, we should still choose to incorporate foods that have brain-boosting benefits into our dietary patterns.

Several nutrients play a role in maintaining brain health, including omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory compounds. The compounds listed play numerous roles, including nerve signaling, energy, alertness, mood, learning, memory, and even reducing the risk of certain brain-related disorders, like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s’.

You can find these nutrients in many common foods, and you may even be including them in your diets already! Look for food items such as leafy greens, fatty fish, berries, spices, and tea. Aim to incorporate these food items into more of your meals, as they are good for your brain and overall health!

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