Did you know that being happy is something that we can change simply by adopting some new habits? Implementing small changes and looking at things through a different “lens” can instantly help you feel happy. Trying to do a few of these things daily can help increase the serotonin released by the brain and help stabilize your mood, increase feelings of well-being, and ultimately boost your happiness.

These things are not hard to do and can become “habits” in no time:

Compliment someone. It could be a stranger or someone you know. By complimenting them, you are boosting someone’s mood and yours at the same time.

Keep in touch. Reach out to a friend you haven’t chatted with for a while. Once you have reconnected, be sure to keep those lines of communication open and check in regularly. It makes your friend or family member feel important, boosting their mood and yours.

Take a walk. Raising your heart rate increases the release of happy hormones and can boost your mood instantly.

Count your blessings. Be sure to practice gratefulness. Be grateful for what you have, things big and small. Start a journal, write down two things you are thankful for every day, and revisit those thoughts anytime you feel down.

Be goofy. By merely acting like a goof occasionally, this can instantly bring overwhelming feelings of happiness and a smile on anyone’s face.

Drink more water. Most people suffer from chronic dehydration, which can add to feeling cloudy and tired often. By increasing your water consumption, you will feel more in tune with what is happening around you and increase happiness.

Focus on being happy. Try walking around with a smile on your face, seeing the bright side of things, and offering words of encouragement and positivity to anyone who will listen. By doing this, you will feel a boost in your mood and add a pep to your step.

Try incorporating these and other ideas found at this link into each day, and you will find they can quickly become habits.

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