April is here, and what better way to celebrate spring than with a salute to Earth Day by “Going Green.” Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd, which offers a way to focus on celebrating the earth and implementing small changes to keep it environmentally protected. Here are some quick ideas for going green and how you can help make the planet a better place to be:

Clean up your community: Make it a point to grab a trash bag and gloves before you head out the door for your next walk. If you see trash or debris along your walk, put on your PPE and grab the litter. You will be doing both yourself a favor (getting in your steps) and cleaning up your community!

Research and use eco-friendly products: Take some time to find out what eco-friendly products are available at your local store.  Commit to using one new product every time you need to purchase supplies at the store. This practice will help you gradually transition over to using multiple items regularly.

Plant something: By planting something that grows, we contribute to making fresh oxygen and brightening up the outside.

Reduce your carbon footprint: Walk or ride a bicycle to your local market instead of taking the car and do your best to purchase items like produce or meat products from a local farmer.

Decrease your paper usage: Try saving items to your computer instead of printing and saving paper. By decreasing the items that are printed, we can save paper and reduce ink usage.

Take time to be outside: Go outside and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

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