Summer is almost upon us, and many children are looking forward to one thing — summer camp. For most, this is their only extended time away from home all year, so they may be anxious. Here are a few tips for getting your children ready before you drop them off:

Choose the Right Camp: It almost goes without saying that the camp you choose greatly impacts your child’s experience. Does your child need a camp that is spartan, allows little parental contact, provides focused fun, is located in the mountains, or highlights the arts? Fortunately, the American Camp Association has a database of accredited summer camps for you to peruse here.

Take Care of Logistics: There are a few important steps you’ll have to take in between booking a spot for your child and dropping them off, including:

  • Getting your child a physical (if the camp requires it) before slots fill up
  • Buy items on the camp’s provided packing list
  • Label everything you can to minimize the risk of lost items

Prepare them emotionally: Many children will stress about making friends or feeling homesick, so it’s important to reassure them that these feelings are natural. As a parent, you can play a significant fole in this.  Don’t tell your children how much you’ll miss them; instead, tell them how excited you are for them to have a great time. The key is for them to feel confident in themselves and their ability to make friends at camp.

Going to camp can be stressful. However, by doing some work beforehand, you can take control of the situation and help relieve anxiety for your child, ensuring they have a great summer experience.

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