The summer months offer an excellent opportunity for better controlling our snacks and meals. If carbohydrate snacks are your thing, you might find that you are craving carbohydrate snacks throughout the day. When this craving hits, consider protein instead. Protein helps keep the body healthy and build new muscle. Unlike carbohydrate and fat food sources, protein is not stored in the body for use at a later time, it must be consumed in the diet.  

This summer, here’s your CHALLENGE. 

Try snacking on foods that are good sources of protein, hard-boiled eggs, low-fat dairy products, avocados, hummus, tuna, nuts or seeds, nut butter, cheese sticks, to name a few. Steer your snacking in this direction over the next few days, and chances are you will find you are craving protein at snack time versus carbohydrates.  

More protein-focused snack options can be found here

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