If you are looking for fresh and local produce, check out your local farmers market. When you buy locally grown produce, you support the farmers and economy in your area. 

Even though farmers markets can offer a huge variety of produce, they sell fruits and vegetables naturally available in season, as well as eggs, meats, dairy products, baked goods, fresh flowers, and more. The fruits and vegetables from farmers markets are healthier than those found in stores because they are picked at the peak of ripeness and immediately brought to market.

Alternatively, fresh produce is picked before they mature, so they are fresh when they reach the grocery after lengthy transportation periods. However, they aren’t as nutrient-dense when they get to the store and may not be fully ripened or overripe.

Food from farmers markets is usually grown in a less complicated method than on an industrial farm, where typically one crop type is raised in one area. While this is an efficient system, it is healthier for the crops if they are grown together.
This is because the soil doesn’t stay fertilized in single crop farms, which causes the farmers to have to fertilize their crops manually. Also, the more diverse an area is, the more the ecosystem thrives because the soil is naturally balanced.

Many people don’t shop at farmers markets because they think it is too expensive. The prices aren’t higher, or if they are, it is because being a farmer isn’t cheap. The prices may be less than a dollar more. The prices may seem high, but current food prices are generally high due to inflation. 

National Famers Market Week (every first week of August) is a perfect time to try a farmers market. Click here to find your local farmers market and buy some fresh food.

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