School is out for summer, and getting into break mode can be difficult for kids and parents. With a few simple tips, make the transition easy for everyone involved.

Keep Sleep Schedules Consistent: Now that your kid doesn’t have school, they’ll probably want to stay up later and sleep in. While this is natural, try to make the shift gradual. By pushing bedtime back fifteen minutes each day and waking them up fifteen minutes later the next morning, you can seamlessly transition them to a more realistic sleep schedule. Just ensure they get eight to nine hours of sleep each night.

Maintain Social Connections: School is the primary place for social interaction for most kids. If they (or you) don’t actively maintain their friendships over the summer, they may feel lonely or isolated. Schedule playdates for younger kids and allow teens to spend time with friends. Summer camps are also great ways to get social interaction.

Don’t Overschedule: It can be tempting to fill up your child’s schedule with activities, but it’s called summer break for a reason. By all means, provide some structure but make sure kids have plenty of time for free play and relaxation.

As summer break kicks in, keeping routines and connections intact is key. With these tips, kids and parents can enjoy a fulfilling and rejuvenating summer together!

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