Getting involved this Earth Day doesn’t have to be difficult. People of every age and ability can find an eco-friendly activity or two on April 22. Here are some suggestions: 

Plant a pollinator garden: Pollinator plants, plants that attract bees, butterflies, and birds, look beautiful and are great for the planet. Click here for options that will thrive in your climate.

Volunteer at a cleanup: If you’re looking for a community-oriented activity this Earth Day, join a cleanup event at a local park. Not only will you make it useable for everyone, but you’ll also make connections with your neighbors.

Switch to less harsh cleaning products: Earth Day is a perfect time to start using detergent, soap, and cleaning products made without strong chemicals. These products are usually better for the Earth and healthier for you and your family because they don’t contain ingredients that can cause skin irritation like many traditional detergents. You can also make cleaning products with kitchen basics like vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and lemon juice. These homemade products don’t contain many strong chemicals.

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