The search for kid-friendly activities can end in your kitchen. Of course, when cooking with your child, you perform a necessary chore with a beloved assistant. You’re also teaching good habits and a variety of skills.

When children are able to handle stirring and pouring, they’re ready to help with meal prep. Naturally, supervising adults determine whether their charges can safely work with knives, hot stoves, and other hazardous devices and tools.

Young line cooks improve math skills by counting eggs, measuring ingredients, and calculating portions. Vocabulary grows with the introduction of words connected to cooking and life in general. Active use of new words aids their comprehension and retention. Reading recipes with the “head chef” improves literacy. Plus, cooking is full of scientific processes, like boiling, evaporation, and the change from liquid to solid, that children can learn.

With mastery of each new skill, the confidence of young cooks grows. This self-esteem can power achievement in every part of their lives.

Involving children in preparing of their meals opens their minds to various flavors, textures, colors, smells, and appearances. Once they are familiar with the tastes of different seasonings, spices, fruits, vegetables, and condiments, they will put their own spin on traditional dishes. Picky eaters may relax their defenses after they help create their own lunches. In general, youngsters are more adventurous when they are involved in choosing and creating their meals.

Getting kids involved with food preparation is a fun way to teach them about cooking, the natural world, math, and new words. They’re engaged in a social activity that improves their body, mind, and confidence. In the end, they get to eat all the delicious food they made.

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