Core strength is key to improving things like posture, preventing unforeseen injuries, helping protect your central nervous system, decreasing back pain, and helping you feel better overall. Believe it or not, core strength plays a role in every movement your body makes. A strong core can make everyday activities like getting out of bed or taking a leisurely walk easier.

Building a strong core is key to building strength throughout your body. Think of the core as a building block. You have to have a strong base to support the blocks that surround the base. Once the “core” of the tower is secure, your building can support the weight of anything placed on it.

One quick and simple exercise to strengthen your core is by doing “the plank.” By holding the plank position for different time intervals, you can help build strong abdominal muscles. Training your core can take time and patience, but has lifelong benefits. Start small and continue to practice these abdominal-focused exercises to make you feel better as you move throughout your day.

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