As more of us are now heading back into the office, you may notice that you are having a more challenging time adjusting to your new routine. If you are a big caffeine drinker (coffee, tea, cola, and energy drinks), you may not even realize that you are reaching for an extra serving or two to compensate for the schedule change. The recommended amount of caffeine for a healthy adult is about 400 mg per day. The amount of caffeine in drinks can vary; however, the range is generally:

95-200 mg per 8 oz. coffee

70-100 mg per 8 oz. energy drink

14-60 mg per 8 oz. tea

34-45 mg per 12 oz. can of caffeinated sodas (usually dark colas)

It is important to remember that caffeine is a diuretic, so ensure you are drinking water. It is recommended that you have that same amount of water for every caffeinated beverage consumed.

Caffeine can be a great pick-me-up; however, checking in with your body and identifying any hunger cues is recommended. Sometimes hunger and dehydration will cause us to feel tired and sluggish, making us think we need caffeine! Try to take a mental note of what you have consumed during the day to see if it contributes to your overall energy levels!

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