Our bones take a pounding all day, every day. Unfortunately, we don’t think about them until we break one.

Building strong bones isn’t just for kids; it’s a lifelong endeavor. As we age, bone growth continues but at a slower pace. By the time we hit 30, we start losing more bone mass than we gain.

But here’s the kicker: osteoporosis, that dreaded condition of weak and brittle bones, isn’t an inevitable part of aging. The good news? You can fortify your bones with simple, everyday care. Here’s how:

Get the Proper Amount of Calcium and Vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption, yet many of us fall short. Consider supplements or foods fortified with vitamin D to meet your needs. You can explore calcium-rich recipes here and incorporate dairy products, leafy greens, and fortified plant-based milk into your meals.

Keep Moving. Weight-bearing exercises, like walking, dancing, or tennis promote bone health. Plus, resistance exercises, like weightlifting, strengthen muscles. Robust muscles guard against falls.

Don’t Smoke. Of course, being a nonsmoker is great for your overall health. It also supports healthy bones. Nicotine slows the production of the cells that form bone, and smoking impairs the absorption of calcium from food.

Take care of your bones daily and they will support you for a lifetime.

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