Riding a bike is a great form of exercise, a fun hobby, and an efficient, earth-friendly mode of transportation. Unfortunately, as we get older, many of us don’t use the safety measures we learned as children. Regardless of age, bicyclists must always follow the rules of the road and safety tips.

A bicyclist must share the road safely with cars. To do so requires following the same rules as drivers. Here are important and laws to remember when riding a bike:

  • Ride on the street, not the sidewalk (most states allow people 12 and under to ride on the sidewalk)
  • Ride in the direction of traffic, not against it
  • Wear reflective clothing at night
  • Obey street signs and traffic lights as if you are driving a car
  • Use the bike lane when possible
  • Use proper hand signals when turning and stopping
  • Always wear a helmet

Here are some things that drivers should do to make it safer to share the roads with bikes:

  • Check blind spots, especially when making right-hand turns
  • Give cyclists about three feet of space
  • Exercise caution when going through intersections; it can be difficult to estimate an oncoming cyclist’s speed
  • Do not park in or block bike lanes, even if it is for a few minutes
  • Limit distractions, as bicyclists may need to quickly swerve into traffic to avoid potholes, an open car door, or other obstructions on the road

Remember that people are more vulnerable to injury when riding a bike than driving a .

Therefore, cyclists and drivers need to know and follow all the rules of the road. For more information about bike safety, click here.

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