The first bell is coming. Gradually changing your routines makes returning to the classroom a less shocking experience.

Get back on schedule. A good night’s sleep comes from habits. None of us can fill empty days with naps, so it’s best to go to bed and wake up on a regular schedule. Young people under 19 need between eight and 12 hours of sleep daily. That’s not possible when they hit the hay after midnight.

Savor the season. Of course, summer’s bounty is amazing. Melons, berries, and stone fruits make great meals and dishes more delicious. Don’t forget the varieties of squashes, greens, and heirloom tomatoes that mature right around the time school’s back in session.

Give away before you fill up. Before hitting up the back-to-school sales, scan your closet. Donate lightly worn clothes that no longer fit. Contact your local government to connect with organizations that aid disaster victims, new immigrants, abuse survivors, and other people in need.

Wash your hands before you drink. There’s a lot of talk about bacteria-filled water bottles. However, doctors record few illnesses from these germs because they live in your mouth. Our hands are touching dirty surfaces all day. That buildup of bacteria and viruses can make you sick. Wash your hands throughout the day and your reusable water bottle after each use.

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