With so many grains or carbohydrates to choose from in the grocery stores, it can get confusing and overwhelming trying to decide what new things to try. So for something new, try an Ancient Grain!

These grains maintain their original seed form and have no modifications in any way during planting. With no selective breeding of seed, they retain their original form dating back centuries. These grains have existed in nature throughout the world but are considered new in the United States.

One reason to include ancient grains in your diet regularly is that these grains pack a powerful nutritious punch with every serving. Although each grain provides specific nutrients, as a whole, they are high in protein (most are considered complete proteins just like animal proteins) and omega-3 fatty acids (which are great for the brain). In addition, they contain copious amounts of antioxidants (which have cancer-fighting qualities).  Because these grains are unrefined, they are considered whole grains, which makes them a healthier option. Some examples include spelt, kamut, freekeh, quinoa, bulgur, farro, oats, amaranth, buckwheat. Some you may recognize, but others you may not. Be adventurous and try some today!

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